MOXY stands for an attitude:
Seeking a balance between impact, excellence­ and pragmatism.

We call it Engineered Design.


As an interdisciplinary studio, we specialise in designing and developing:

With focus on user experience, quality and scalability.

Highly collaborative

Continuous flow of knowledge and ideas through the team.


Transversal Design

Continuous interaction between stakeholders coming from multiple horizons and having diverse, often opposite desires.


Open Source Driven

Committed to adopting and contributing to best practices and open industry standards.

Partners in crime

Founding team

Marco Oliveira profile picture
Marco Oliveira

With 15+ years of software engineering experience, Marco has built multiple teams of 25+ people as C-level for international products. Marco has also been organising software and design communities, and was a nominee for Founder of the Year 2015 by UP Awards.

André Cruz profile picture
André Cruz

A reference open source contributor with 15+ years of software engineering experience, André has played several leading roles in multiple companies, from engineering, to project and HR management, and is a regular speaker at developer conferences.

Filipe Dias profile picture
Filipe Dias

With nearly a decade of software engineering experience, Filipe has played several roles in multiple companies, from engineering, to project, HR and operations management. In the last few years, Filipe has also been closely involved in organising software and design communities.